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March 27

"There can be no rest on earth for those who desire to be saved." -- St. Ephraim the Syrian

March 26

"The barren wilderness thou didst make fertile with the streams of thy tears; and by thy deep sighing thou hast given fruit through thy struggles a hundredfold. Accordingly, thou hast become a star for the universe, sparkling with miracles. Therefore, O righteous Father John Climacus, intercede with Christ God to save our souls." -- Apolytikion of St. John Climacus

March 25

"The light of dawn comes before the sun, and meekness is the precursor of all humility. So let us listen to the order in which Christ, our Light, place these virtues. He says: 'Learn from Me, because I am meek and humble of heart.'” -- St. John Climacus

March 24

"Live in gratitude, and you will never be disappointed. See that your afflictions are not there to punish you, but to purify you and cleanse you of the delusions of this world. You all are being prepared each day for great things. Be wise, and prepare for the future, but do not be worried about it. Be prudent, but not obsessed. The man who constantly worries achieves nothing but stress and anxiety. Instead, pray and draw close to God. Believe that He will help you, and suddenly, you will see how He has already." -- His Eminence, Metropolitan JOSEPH

March 23

"Our life without repentance is nonsense; our life without forgiveness is nonsense; our life without remembering all the blessings from God is nonsense. Jesus died for us, but have we died for Him or for anyone or have we died to our sins? If we don’t die, there is no life." -- His Eminence, Metropolitan JOSEPH

March 22

"Keep strong, confident and devout in what you are doing. Our war is not against food and drink but rather against sin, temptations, passions, slothfulness, pride, unfaithfulness and other vices." -- His Eminence, Metropolitan JOSEPH

March 21

In one of the accounts of the martyrdoms of Christians during the reign of the Persian King Sapor, it is said: “The swords became dull, the sword-bearers fell and the sword-makers grew tired, but the Cross was lifted up even higher and shone from the blood of Christ’s martyrs.” -- St. Nicholai of Zica

March 20

"In England, when people bow before the queen, they do so out of respect, but it does not imply any repentance. But when we bow before Christ, it means that we are ready to empty ourselves from an evil mind, from any evil thought or act, or any evil thing in our lives." -- His Eminence, Metropolitan JOSEPH

March 19

"May the soul that has sought refuge in Thy cross and inherited eternal incorruptible treasure praise and exalt Thee together with the spirits that number her among Thy ranks." -- St. Ephraim the Syrian

March 18

“Return my soul to the sweet garden of paradise, and may it abide in light that, surrounded by the delights of paradise, I too may say with all the saints: Glory to the Immortal Father; honor to Him Who presents heavenly gifts to this worthless one, that he may bring a tithe of glory to the King of all!" -- St Ephraim the Syrian

March 17

“May my heart be as a fertile field for Thee, and may Thy grace sprinkle the dew of eternal life upon it. May Thy grace reap a good harvest on the field of my heart: humility, reverence, sanctity, and all that is ever pleasing to Thee." -- St Ephraim the Syrian

March 16

“Thy love draws me to Thee, O Savior, O praise of my life. Thy grace makes it sweet for me to follow Thee with my mind." -- St Ephraim the Syrian

March 15

“For Thy servant Thy grace has become a refuge, strength, a defense, ennoblement, praise, and food for the whole of his life." -- St Ephraim the Syrian

March 14

“Thou, O Christ our Savior, hast become for me the path of life which leads to the Father. There is but one path, and it is my joy, and at the end of it is the heavenly kingdom." -- St Ephraim the Syrian

March 13

“Grant us, O our Lord to rejoice in Thee, and mayest Thou rejoice in us in the last day. To Thee is praise, from the spirit, soul and body. And unto us be Thy mercies." -- St Ephraim the Syrian

March 12

"... hear the Lord saying to each of us, as to the paralyzed man, 'Arise, take up your bed, and go to your house' (Mt. 9:6). Strengthened by the grace and power of Holy Baptism within us, we become vigorous and active in virtue, and bring into subjection our mental and physical capabilities and those material things which ought to be subservient to them, but which formerly overpowered us. We then go wherever pleases God and ourselves and, as far as we can, move to our real home, the eternal heavenly mansions. Those who see us ordering our lives in this godly way, marvel and glorify God, Who has given such power and authority to those who believe in Him (cf. Mt. 9:8), that they have their citizenship in heaven while still living on earth." -- St. Gregory Palamas

March 11

"Before the transgression, Adam shared in divine illumination and brilliance. He was clothed in the true robe of glory and was not naked, nor was he ugly in his nakedness, but was truly unspeakably better adorned than those who wear diadems embellished with much gold and precious stones. When our human nature was stripped of this divine illumination and radiance as a result of the ugly transgression, the Word of God had mercy on this nature and in His compassion took it upon Himself. On Mount Tabor He showed it clothed once more to His chosen disciples (cf. Lk. 9:28-37), proving to all what we had once been, and what those of us who believed in Him and attained to perfection in Him would be through Him in the age to come. You will find that the earnest of this perfection of those who live according to Christ is openly given here and now to God's saints. They reap, so to speak, the good of the age to come." -- St. Gregory Palamas

March 10

"You should secretly give from what you have to those in need, so that you receive from God, Who sees in secret, a hundred times more, as well as life eternal in the age to come (cf. Mt. 6:4; Mk. 10:30)." -- St. Gregory Palamas

March 9

"Since illnesses are cured by their opposite remedies, as we had been put to death by the wicked counsel of the evil one, we were made alive again by the good counsel of the good Lord. The deadly counselor had at his disposal pleasure, glory and comfort, which enchanted mankind and dragged it down. So the Counselor of true life Himself led the way along the strait and narrow way which leads to life above and guided us in it. 'Strive,' He says, 'to enter in at the strait gate' (Lk. 13:24), and 'strait and narrow is the way that leads to life, for wide and broad is the way that leads to destruction' (cf. Mt. 7:13-14). Elsewhere He warns more clearly against that path, saying, 'Woe to you who are rich! Woe to you who are full! Woe to you when all men shall speak well of you' (cf. Lk. 6:24-26), thus declaring wretched all lovers of glory, pleasure and money." -- St. Gregory Palamas

March 8

"We know that prayer in and of itself cannot save us, but carrying it out before God can. For when the Lord's eyes are upon us He sanctifies us, as the sun warms everything upon which it shines." -- St. Gregory Palamas

March 7

"We cannot serve anyone with whom we have animosity. This is why the Gospels stress forgiveness. Our Lord even forgave those who crucified Him, crying out from the cross, 'Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do' (Luke 23:34). If we are to serve the world, we must first be able to forgive everyone and anyone. The slightest amount of unforgiveness or anger towards anyone is enough to keep us from God, for in God there is only love." -- His Eminence, Metropolitan JOSEPH

March 6

"The Lord came to send fire upon the earth (cf. Lk. 12:49), and through participation in this fire He makes divine not just the human substance which He assumed for our sake, but every person who is found worthy of communion with Him." -- St. Gregory Palamas

March 5

"Moses received the law in a period of abstinence and led his people; and Elijah, when he fasted, closed the heavens. As for the Abrahamite youths, they vanquished by fasting the transgressing usurper. Wherefore, through the same, O Savior, prepare us to meet Thy Resurrection, shouting Holy God! Holy Mighty! Holy Immortal! Have mercy on us!" -- Doxasticon for the First Sunday of Great Lent

March 4

"I urge you now to give the people a living example of your commitment to Jesus Christ. Renew your spiritual lives through fasting and prayer." -- His Eminence, Metropolitan JOSEPH

March 3

"We need to continue in the spirit and the theology of the Fast. It’s not just about food, but about self-control, about healing myself from selfishness, about enduring every hardship in life without losing faith or hope." -- His Eminence, Metropolitan JOSEPH

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