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November 19

"Repentance means to change our attitude, our behavior, our way of thinking, and to focus on that moment which will bring salvation and a new page in our life." -- His Eminence, Metropolitan JOSEPH

November 18

"Repentance can happen in one moment if we have the desire. Let us not be too busy with our lives that we miss that moment in time." -- His Eminence, Metropolitan JOSEPH

November 17

"The Season of the Nativity is about nothing other than preparing a little room for the Lord Jesus Christ to come and shine in our souls." -- His Eminence, Metropolitan JOSEPH

November 16

"Only in prayer can we hear. Only in prayer can we understand. Only in prayer can we magnify the Lord at all times, and especially during this holy season of the Nativity." -- His Eminence, Metropolitan JOSEPH

November 15

"During a time of intense distress from the enemy, when the soul is in fear, one must pronounce aloud psalms and prayers, or combine with prayer handiwork so that the mind will pay attention to what it is performing and pay no attention to the confusion and not be afraid, for with him is the Lord, and the angel of the Lord never departs from us." -- St. Paisius Velichkovsky

November 14

"Just as a calm and sheltered harbour provides great security to the ships moored there, so does the temple of God: when people enter it, it snatches them away from worldly affairs as from a storm, and gives them the capacity to stand and listen to God’s words in calm and security. This place is the bedrock of virtue and the school of spiritual life…You need only set foot on the threshold of a church and at once you are liberated from the cares of daily life. Go on into the church, and a spiritual dew will envelop your soul. The stillness there moves you to awe, and teaches you how to live spiritually. It elevates your thoughts and prevents you from remembering things or matters belonging to the present life. It transports you from earth to heaven. And if there is such great gain from simply being in church when no service is going on, then how much benefit will people derive from being present…when the holy Apostles proclaim the Gospel, Christ stands in our midst, God the Father receives the Mysteries that are performed and the Holy Spirit gives His own joy." -- St. John Chrysostom

November 13

"Christians, above all men, are forbidden to correct the stumblings of sinners by is necessary to make a man better not by force but by persuasion. God gives the crown to those who are kept from evil, not by force, but by choice." -- St. John Chrysostom

November 12

"If you desire nobility, seek it not in blood, but in virtues, for this is true nobility." -- St. John the Merciful, Patriarch of Alexandria

November 11

"The wondrous love of God toward man is recognized when man is in misfortunes that are destroying his hope. Here God manifests His power for man’s salvation. For man never recognizes the power of God in tranquility and freedom." -- St. Isaac the Syrian

November 10

When asked why the good Lord permits assaults and trials to fall on the true Faith while He permits the pleasure of tranquility to heresies and paganism, St. John Chrysostom replied: “So that you might recognize their weakness (i.e., of heresies and paganism) when you see that they disintegrate on their own without any disturbance – and also be convinced of the power of the Faith that endures misfortunes and even multiplies through its adversities.”

November 9

"If but ten among us lead a holy life, we shall kindle a fire which shall light up the entire city." -- St. John Chrysostom

November 8

"We are called to become disciples, and to learn so that we might become better equipped to go out into the world and transform it with the truth of Orthodoxy. I know that in America, there is an old saying that ‘the best defense is a good offense.’ My brothers in Christ, this is not just for football, but it is the very core of the Christian calling: 'For whoever is ashamed of Me and of My words in this adulterous and sinful generation, of him will the Son of man also be ashamed, when He comes in the glory of His Father with the holy angels'" (Mark 8:38). -- His Eminence, Metropolitan JOSEPH

November 7

"Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen (Heb 11:1). And here He pronounces blessed not the disciples only, but those also who after them should believe." -- St. John Chrysostom

November 6

"Let our enemy too understand that we have taken much pains, in order to do what is well-pleasing unto God." -- St. John Chrysostom

November 5

"The more sin continues, the more our life is in a mess. Sin produces fear, but where there is no sin, there is no fear." -- His Eminence, Metropolitan JOSEPH

November 4

"Although I was born into an Orthodox Christian family in Syria, I am a convert, too; I have to convert to Jesus Christ every day. We are all converts." -- His Eminence, Metropolitan JOSEPH

November 3

"Guard your mind from evil thoughts concerning your neighbors, knowing that the demons put them there, aiming to blind you to your own sins and prevent you from directing yourself toward God." -- St. Elias the Egyptian

November 2

"As the poor should give thanks to God and love the rich who do them good, even more should the rich give thanks to God and love the poor; for they are saved by the providence of God … because of their alms." -- St. Peter Damascene

November 1

The Patriarch Theophilus of Alexandria (385-412 A.D.) once visited the monks in the Nitrian Desert (Wadi El Natroun). The monks begged Abba Pambo, saying: "Give the patriarch an edifying word, which would be of benefit to him." The quiet Pambo replied: "If he does not benefit by my silence, he will not benefit by my word."

October 31

"He who does not know the truth cannot truly have faith; for by nature knowledge precedes faith. What is said in Scripture is said not solely for us to understand, but also for us to act upon." -- St. Hesychios the Priest

October 30

"Life without Christ is not life but death, whereas death for the sake of Christ is not death but life." -- St. Zenobius

October 29

St. Anthony said that three kinds of impulse exist in the body: “The first is from nature, the second is from lack of restraint in food and the third is from the demons.”

October 28

"The fabric of justice is thinner than silk, but it is more durable and less easily torn, and encompasses both worlds, while the fabric of injustice and violence is thick and breaks easily." -- St. Nikolai of Zica

October 27

"What is there that cannot happen to a man? Yet in every suffering one must have hope in God. Covered with festering sores and seated in his humiliation upon a dunghill, the righteous Job cried out: Though He slay me, yet will I trust in Him! (Job 13:15)" -- St. Nikolai of Zica

October 26

"The righteous Job said: Is not a man’s life on earth a trial? Are not his days as those of a hireling? (Job 7:1) Therefore, one must be as a watchful guard and be prepared for all that may happen." -- St. Nikolai of Zica

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