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The following is a guide for clergy for the entire Liturgical Year. "Optional" indicates that there is no assigned color for that particular time of year. Appropriate vestments for that time would be made of a color that is neither particularly dark, nor particularly bright. The decision rests with the Protos.

NOTE: Parishes who are receiving an Episcopal Visit at any time during the year should contact the Bishop's Office for the vestment color that the Bishop will be wearing.

September 1 (Beginning of the Church Year): GOLD

September 2-7: OPTIONAL

September 8-12 (Nativity of the Theotokos though its Leavetaking): BLUE

September 13 (Dedication of the Church of the Resurrection): GOLD

September 14-21 (Elevation of the Cross through its Leavetaking): RED

September 22 - November 14: OPTIONAL

November 15-20 (Nativity Fast): RED

November 21-25 (Presentation of the Theotokos through its Leavetaking): BLUE

November 26 - December 24 (Nativity Fast): RED

December 25 - January 14 (Nativity of the Lord & Theopany through its Leavetaking): GOLD

January 15 - February 1: OPTIONAL

February 2-9 (Meeting of the Lord in the Temple through its Leavetaking): BLUE

February 10 - Cheesefare Sunday: OPTIONAL

March 25 (Annunciation): BLUE

The Great Fast & Great and Holy Week

Beginning with Forgiveness Vespers, all services, except for the Akathist Service, and the Sunday of the Cross through the following Friday: PURPLE

Akathist Service: BLUE

Sunday of the Cross through the following Friday: RED

Services of Lazarus Saturday and Palm Sunday: GOLD

Palm Sunday Evening through Great Friday Lamentations, except Thursday Morning: PURPLE

Great Thursday Morning Vesperal Divine Liturgy: RED

Great Saturday Vesperal Divine Liturgy through Saturday before Pentecost: WHITE

Pentecost through June 28: GREEN

June 29 & 30: RED

July 1-31: GREEN

August 1-5 (Dormition Fast): BLUE

August 6 (Transfiguration of the Lord): GOLD

August 7-12 (Dormition Fast): BLUE

August 13 (Leavetaking of the Transfiguration): GOLD

August 14 (Dormition Fast): BLUE

August 15-23 (Dormition through its Leavetaking): BLUE

August 24-28: OPTIONAL

August 29 (Beheading of the Forerunner): RED

August 30: OPTIONAL

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