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His Grace, Bishop JOSEPH meets with the Diocesan Parish Life Conference Focus Group - 10/27/2005

Los Angeles, California

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Under the direction and guidance of His Grace Bishop JOSEPH, a PLC Focus Group has been formed for the purpose of providing additional input to the Conference Planning and Coordination Group (CPCC), chaired by Lew Malouf.

The PLC Focus Group (“Group”) consists of representatives of the Clergy, Teen SOYO, Antiochian Women, Fellowship of St. John the Divine, the Order of St. Ignatius and the CPCC. This Group is working to assist the CPCC in enhancing PLCs in the Diocese of Los Angeles and the West.

Please note:  The PLCs of the Diocese of Los Angeles and the West already enjoy the below listed attributes. However, we are striving to make the PLCs even more productive and beneficial to all families.

We are the largest attended PLC in the Archdiocese, averaging over 1,000 attendees per year for the past 5 years (this is almost three times the average size PLC in the other Diocese).

We have the greatest amount of Religious Services, Workshops, Keynote Speakers, Bible Bowl Teams and Orators than any of the other PLCs in the Archdiocese.

We have enjoyed financial success of our PLCs, providing funds for the hosting parishes and the Diocesan Organizations.

The Group has already gathered a great deal of information and on Thursday Evening, October 27th, held its first meeting to discuss the PLCs in general and the specifics of the collected information.

This Group has the following members, all serving under the spiritual guidance and leadership of His Grace Bishop JOSEPH.  Please feel free to contact any of the below members with your input, remembering that this is not a gripe session:


CLERGY REPRESENTATIVES: V. Rev. Jon Braun, Rev. Kevin Scherer, Rev. Joseph Corrigan

AOCWNA REPRESENTATIVES: Judy Pappoff and Kh. Jan Finley

FELLOWSHIP REPRESENTATIVES: Michael Habib and Kyra Pelachik

ST. IGNATIUS REPRESENTATIVES: Isabel Elac and Nelson Mamey

TEENS SOYO REPRESENTATIVES: Lauren Malouf, Mark Ajalat, and Mark Crawford

CPCC AND AT-LARGE REPRESENTATIVES: Georgette Malouf and Edward Deeb

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