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Diocesan Conference Planning and Coordination Committee (CPCC) Meeting - 07/11/2006

Burbank, California

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The annual Parish Life Conference is without question the main event of the Diocese of Los Angeles and the West, and it requires careful planning years in advance for successful execution. To keep up the success from year to year, the Conference Planning and Coordination Committee (CPCC) was established by Bishop JOSEPH to assist the host parishes in putting on Conferences that are fruitful in all aspects, especially spiritually, socially and financially.

The CPCC held its latest meeting on the evening of July 11 at the home of Ed and Georgette Malouf in Burbank, California. The Committee members (Lew Malouf, Fred Milkie, Jr., Michael C. Srour, Ed and Georgette Malouf, Robin Nicholas, Subdeacons Michael Habib and Peter Samore) conducted an intensive meeting to deal with the multitudinous issues in executing the annual Conferences. The CPCC reaffirmed its top priority of making sure all Parish Life Conferences are conducive to maximum family participation by securing hotels years in advance for the best possible rates. This is one way of ensuring that the Conferences are affordable for families. The CPCC has hotels reserved through 2010 at 2006 rates.

The CPCC also discussed family participation at the Conferences. In order to improve this, the CPCC and the host parish will be improving communication during announcements in services, in daily bulletins and in all promotional items. Parents and their children must feel free to participate with each other in all aspects and functions of the Conferences, breaking down any artificial barriers that would hinder them.

Bishop JOSEPH sent word to the CPCC that he was pleased with the work of the host parishes in recent years. Putting on a Parish Life Conference is no easy task, and Sayidna said that host parish members have actually formed a stronger bond of unity with each other and their pastors.

Financial reports were also presented, revealing that the 2006 Parish Life Conference (hosted by St. George Church in San Diego, California) secured a monetary profit for its tireless labor.

By Subdeacon Peter Samore

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