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Fellowship of St. John the Divine Retreat in the Prairie Deanery - 11/12/2007

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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This November, young adults from across western Canada gathered for the fourth annual Young Adult retreat just outside of Edmonton, Alberta. Participants came from all across western Canada, including British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan to hear Reader Matthew Gallitan speak on the topic "Holy Tradition and its Significance Today."

This was the first year that the retreat took place outside of the city. We thought that we'd try a different atmosphere this year, and placed the retreat in a camp facility on Pigeon Lake. The weather wasn't all that cold this year, so the rustic atmosphere was quite comfortable.

Reader Matthew's lectures on Holy Tradition generated much discussion and interaction among the participants. He reminded us that Holy Tradition has the same significance today as it has always had in the church. The significance being, that participation in Holy Tradition brings Christ into our lives. Because the Spirit of God does not change, but remains constant through the ages, Holy Tradition is the visible alignment of Christians that live according to the Spirit.

The weekend also included lots of games and free time for everyone to get to know each other. We also had our annual ‘talent show’ which included some very talented musicians and story tellers!

I would like to extend a very special thank you to all who helped plan this retreat, and the participants for keeping this retreat alive. It has been a wonderful avenue by which we have been able to connect with our fellow Orthodox across this region.

God willing we will see each other next year.

By Sarah Machnee

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