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His Grace, Bishop JOSEPH Visits the Schrom Boy's Home - 05/01/2009

Bonners Ferry, Idaho

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Greetings in the Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ –

What are the signs of trouble for adolescents? Many adolescents get into trouble sometimes. A big question for parents (whether they be "traditional," single, step, or grand-parents), is how to know when a youth is headed for more serious problems, or when bad behavior is just "a kid being a kid." Try to focus on patterns rather than an isolated event. In other words, does the behavior happen repeatedly despite efforts to change it?

The patterns signaling the need for help include not only deviant behaviors by the adolescent, but also the presence of other problems in the family or tensions at home. For example, problems in the parents' marriage or frequent fighting or hostility among the family members can also be involved in the youth's behavior problems. The problem behaviors and other family issues can interact and feed off each other, so that it is hard to tell where it started.

As hard as it may be, some adolescents need to be removed from their homes in order to receive the needed intervention to help them re-structure their lives.  When your adolescent requires an out-of-home placement, consider Schrom Boy’s Home at Hawks Landing.  

Located in picturesque North Idaho, Schrom Boy’s Home Boy’s Home is a residential therapeutic program committed to improving the lives of its students and families, by creating opportunities to increase awareness and understanding of past choices that have impeded growth and development.  The program is purposefully designed to challenge the student’s self-limiting belief systems through relationships with adult care givers and success experiences.  We believe success will breed success.

We focus on creating a thriving therapeutic community with all the comforts of a home setting that incorporates Orthodox Christianity into daily life.  Under the spiritual direction of Fr. Gregory Horton and belonging to The Holy Myrrhbearing Women Orthodox Christian Church of Bonners Ferry, Idaho, the students at Schrom Boy’s Home are male adolescent ranging in age from 13 to 17 years old who present with particular emotional, psychological, and behavioral needs.  

However common and varied as adolescents everywhere, the one common characteristic of our student is they share a need for change.   These students must be provided an intimate, caring, and structured therapeutic milieu in order to learn, practice, and internalize changes required for eventual re-entry into their home, social, and educational settings.

Schrom Boy’s Home provides an alternative to large expensive boarding schools by offering a smaller, relationship oriented, cost-effective, safe, and home-like environment.  Working with a maximum of 8 students in a caring, teaching, family-oriented environment, Schrom Boy’s Home is dedicated to one on one personal attention, innovative and individualized treatment, and healthy interpersonal relationships given to your son.

Schrom Boy’s Home’s physically and emotionally safe therapeutic home provides students with an atmosphere where they openly examine themselves, their relationships with family and friends, as well as enhance self-esteem, self-identity, independence, and an understanding of interdependence in order to establish a balanced approach to life.

Individual, family, group, and milieu therapy are all part of the Schrom Boy’s Home program aimed at cognitive and affective skill development, challenging current self-defeating behaviors, enhancing social skills, and improving responsibility to self and others.  By creating honest, open, positive relationships, your son has the opportunity to address those concerns and obstacles impeding him from being happy and proactive with his individual life.  

Schrom Boy’s Home is a small, unique, family oriented, therapeutic program and is owned and operated by John and Julia Schrom.  John has been a licensed Psychotherapist, Clinical Director, and Executive School Director for over 25 years specializing in treating adolescents and their families.  Julia Schrom has over 20 years in the medical field working with families and individuals. As a former Family Service Coordinator, Hospice Volunteer, Certified Nursing Assistant, Home Health Aide, and Postpartum Doula, she has the gift of putting people at ease and provides parents with a solid connection to their son.

Please contact John or Julia Schrom to discuss your particular needs.

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