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Today, in the Holy Orthodox Church, we commemorate the Second and impartial Coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.    

It is the Sunday of the Last Judgment—known also as Meat Fare Sunday—the lesson of which occurs in today’s Holy Gospel. Jesus illustrates to us God’s ineffable goodness and His great love for mankind. And so lest some who are lazy should loiter and spend the time appropriate to their salvation in the pursuit of sin, and be suddenly overtaken by death, the divine Fathers decree that on this day the remembrance of the Second Appearance of Christ may be celebrated. The intention is to remind them that, as God is good and loving to mankind, He is also a very righteous Judge Who recompenses each according to his deeds. Our Lord teaches us that when we minister to our brother or sister, we really minister to Him. This brings us righteousness and life eternal.

By Thine ineffable love of mankind, O Christ God, make us worthy of Thy devoted voice and number us among Thy righteous ones and have mercy on us. Amen.
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