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Monday, December 6, 2021, 4:36AM  
On November 13 in the Holy Orthodox Church we commemorate our Father among the Saints John Chrysostom, Archbishop of Constantinople.

He was born in Antioch in 347. John became disgusted with Hellenic paganism and turned to the Christian faith as the one, all-embracing truth.  He wrote a book, On the Priesthood, after which the holy Apostles John and Peter appeared to him, prophesying for him great service, great grace and also great suffering.  Thus, John ran from his priestly ordination, but was eventually led back to receive that grace.  Emperor Arcadius chose John as Archbishop of Constantinople. But John was so beloved in Antioch that he had to be snuck out at night to avoid a revolt of the people. He governed the Church at Constantinople for six years with unequalled zeal and wisdom, purging the Church of simony and deposing many bishops who were given to selling the sacraments.  He extended the Church’s charitable works, wrote a rite for the Holy Liturgy, put heretics to shame, interpreted the Scriptures with his golden mind and tongue and left to the Church many precious books of sermons, still extant.  The people glorified him; the jealous loathed him; the Empress twice sent him into exile.  He died in exile on Holy Cross Day, September 14, 407, in Comana in Armenia. As he received Communion for the last time, John said: “Glory to God for all things!”  Then, his righteous soul entered Paradise.

By his intercessions, O Christ God, have mercy upon us. Amen.
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